Single Sideband



The SBX-9 Exciter-Driver and the SBA-50 Mixer-Amplifier provide the perfect combination for 50-54mc SSB operation. Performance, versatility and reliability are incorporated into this new SSB pair. A tremendous value at a low price!

Model SBX-9 Model


Exciter-Driver 9tmc Tubes: 6BH6 Oscillator

12AX7 Audio 7360 Bal Modulator 6BA6 RF Amplifier Filter; Four crystal half lattice

Carrier Suppression 45db min. Unwanted SB Atten.40db min. Output; Provides voltage drive for mixer such as SBA-50 Controls: Carrier Balance

Microphone Gain Test Switch USB-LSB Switch Metering: RF output for balance adjust. Two sensitivity ranges available with front panel switch. Misc: Relay included for push-to-talk operation. Crystals for upper and lower sideband included, Requires high impedance microphone. For operation on 117 vac 60 cycle power,


Order direct from International Crystal Mfg. Co.





Mixer-Amplifier 50-54mc Tubes: 6U8A Oscillator-Mixer

12BY7A Amplifier 6360 Linear power amplifier Requires 9mc sideband signal from SBX-9

SSB single tone 10 watts On-Off Power PA Grid Tune PA Plate Tune PA Load Tune Metering Switch Metering: Oscillator 9mc Drive Buffer Grid PA Grid RF Out

Three positions, uses 3rd overtone 41-45mc range. Crystal frequency = final frequency —9mc Accessory socket provided for connecting keying circuit to SBX-9. Comes with three crystals. Specify frequency when ordering. For operation on 117 vac 60 cycle power,


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