Carl Cordover Module

Fig. K Schematic of the audio test amplifier. The amplifier module is a Carl Cordover and Co, PH-7 or equivalent, Lafayette sells similar modules.

The first four requirements were met by using a commercial amplifier module and merely packaging it with a lew other items into a neat package. The "other items'' include input jacks and gain control a power suppK and a speaker. I used six input jacks of different configurations in order to make the unit more versatile. Any number and type of jack can be used and (lie choice is up to the builder.

The power supply simply uses a filament transformer with bridge rectification and filtering, The filter has an RC pi network which is relatively effective in smoothing out the voltage; however, there is still a small trace oi hum. This should not prove to be a handicap unless you are trying to use the amplifier for tracing down low level hum. A more sophisticated (and expensive) power supply would then lie necessary. Of course batteries could always be used but this gets to be expensive if amplifier is used a great deal because of the rather large current that is drawn by the module.

The amplifier shown was built in u Bud CU-585 cabinet which gives a neat commercial appearance and matches by other home brew test gear, t economy is a prime consideration, a lower cost Mini-box can be used. The front panel holds all the components of the unit, fhe speaker lirill (64BS9045S) shown is avail-

500 ma diodes

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