Barker And Williamson 590g Antenna Switch

Barker Williamson Antenna

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Fig. 5. Switch contact arrangements oí commercial coaxial switches.



Fig, 6, A typical coaxial switching arrangement, with ail the coaxial switching requirements of a ham station being accomplished with coaxial switches. This arrangement is much handier than screwing and unscrewing fittings every time you want to change o cable.

Barker Williamson Balun

Photo by WA6IAK.

Several Barker and Williamson coaxial switches. Clockwise from the upper left; Model 560 with BNC connectors, Model 550A2 with UHF connectors, Model 551A coaxial transfer switch and Model 550A with UHF connectors.

switch is intended fur switching various devices in or out of series connection with low impedance coaxial lines- Some of the uses are switching antenna current meters, antenna tuning devices, baluns, etc., in or out of the antenna feedline system. They may also be used to switch coaxial coupled power amplifiers in or out of ¡lie antenna circuit at will, lhereby permitting the exciter to be connected directly to the antenna during local L'nmmunications, The dual transfer switch is useful in switching converters, filters, etc., in

Photo courtesy Polyphase Instrument Co,

The PIC Polyswitch is a compact rf switch of modern design which may be used with a full 2 kilowatts PEP up to 100 mc- These switches are available in three basic models which wil! satisfy nearly any requirement.

Photo courtesy Sentry Manufacturing Co.

The Sentry SP3T coaxial switch may be used to switch up to three coaxial transmission lines. It is furnished with standard series UHF connectors and wifl handle up to 250 watts of rf power.

Photo by WA6IAK.

Several Waters caaxia! switches, Clockwise from the upper left; Model 336, Model 341 and Model 351, All these switches are equipped with series UHF connectors.

and out of the transmission system. Some typical applications for these switches are depicted in Fig, 6.

In addition to their normal line of single section coaxial switches, Barker and Williamson offers multiple gang types where up to six single gang switches may be connected in tandem. This arrangement is especially useful where several circuits must be switched simultaneously, he operating characteristics of the Dow-Key coaxial switches are charted in Fig. 7, These switches do not use the simple wafer switch as the switching mechanism and offer excellent rf characteristics up to 500 mc. In

Photo by WA61AK,

The Waters Model 351 coaxial transfer switch.

Photo courtesy Waters Manufacturing inc.

Waters' Protax™ coaxial antenna switches are designed to ground all the station antennas when the rig js not in use. The Model 375 on the left is made for panel mounting and has six connectors mounted in the rear. The Model 376 on the right has five side mounted connectors and is made for waft mounting.

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