10 watt zeners, 2-70 volts, state voltages desired. 50<* each

IN 129 6 volt double anode regulator. 2 watts. 5 $1.00

SV176 7 ovlt reference diode 5 $1^00 Silicon biiateral switch. Replaces two SCR's by firing in either direction when breakdown voltage exceeded. Used in tight dimmers, etc. 2/$l_00 Silicon voitage references, These are a series of precis on regulators designed to operate from 2 volts up. similar to SV140. SV3207. etc. 50v 1N251 a high frequency silicon diode used to 1000 mc. May be used as discriminator or detectors. PlV of 20 volts. 10 $1.00

S284 similar to 1N251 but with PIV of 30 volts. 10/$1.00

Glass d/odes. Color coded. Si 20/$1.00

Microdiodes similar to MD27. etc., up to 200 PIV at 30 /ta. These are switching diodes with a short recovery time

Send for free og to be available soon.

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