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Fig. 3. With this nomograph you can find your percent of reliability of fade margin if you know one of the two. If you wont 99% reliability, you must have a fade margin of at least 20 dB. If you have a 20 dB fade margin, you wilt have 99% reliability. This will give you a total outage time of 1 °/o, less than 33A days per year, averaged out to less than 1 minute per dayf Courtesy Lenkurt Electric Co.


Fig. 2. This figure graphically illustrates the gains and losses in a hypothetical microwave system operating on 1215 MHz, With a 30 mile path, 6 ft, parabolas at each end, a 100 milliwatt trans« mitter and using RG-8/U transmission line. On the left graph scole, 0 dBm should be shown as 1 mW, not 100 mW,

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