Free Gonset Gsb-100 Manual

Wn have Jots more Test Equlpt Ash! WE ALSO BUYI WHAT 00 YOU HAVE?

Rax 122CGC i*r*!y Willi, Calif. 90213

Phone: Aren 213, oHee 272-5707, messages 275-5347

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it Price—$2 per 25 words tor non-commcrcial ads; $5 per 25 words for business ventures. No display ads or agency discount. Include your check with order.

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ALL MAKES of new and used amateur equipment-Write or call Bob Grimes, 89 Aspen Road, Swampscott, Mass. Tel: 617-598-9700 or 617-598-2530.

CONVERTERS, World's largest selection of frequencies. Ham TV vidicon cameras and parts at tow factory-direct prices. See them all now in our full page ad In this issue. Vanguard Labs, 196-23 Jamaica Ave, Hollis, N.Y., 11423.

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COMPLETE CONVERSION instructions for the AN/ VRC-2, just $1 while the supply lasts, 73 Magazine. Peterborough, N. H, 03458.

MOTOROLA new miniature seven tube 455 kc ii amplifier discriminator with circuit diagram. Complete at 52.50 each plus postage 50<f each unit. R and R Electronics, 1953 South Yei low springs, Springfield, Ohio.

WANTED case for Morrow receiver, WA1CCH. c/o 73, Peterborough, N\H. 03458.

SIX ASSORTED ISSUES of A TV Experimenter, circa 64-1651 SI from 73 Magazine, Peterborough, N.H. 03458.

SCHEMATICS FOK either the ARC-50&, or the ARR 15, both described in June '65 issue of 73, only each. 73 Magazine, Peterborough, N.H. 03458.

1963 BOUND VOLUMES OF 73. $15 each from 73, Peterborough, N. H. 03458.

INVESTOR to promote the New and Unique Barb d Wire Antenna, notifv WA6CTK, C. Leroy Kerr, P.O. Box 444 Montebelio. Calif,

KNOB, for Collins 75A-, 6 to 14 reduction, easy to mount $7 pp. W4VOF. 1517 Rost St, Key West, Fla. 33040.

MOD- Ij TELIITYPE machines, mod. 14 TD receivers, transmitters, power supplies* meters, voluneters, milli-ampmeters, watt meters, variacs, plate transformers, filament transformers, Nems Clark telemetering receiver Mod. 1400 very good condition, low voltage power supplies, 300 volt regulated power supplies, 300 nulls microphones, teletype converter. Alfred Michaud K1PAX. 264 East Main St., Fall Hiver. Mass.

WANTED: Surplus audio bandpass filter #FR-2409. WA7ERA, Route 2, Boise, Idaho 83702.

CONVERTERS, three transistor, 50-54 mc in, 14-18 mc out, wired, tested, printed circuit. Crystal controlled, SI0 ppd. Tuneable, S8 ppd. Syntelex, 39 Lucille. Du-mont N.J. 07628

25 WORDS FOR §2. Sell or buy through these want ads, a terrific bargain. Caveat Emptor, 73 Magazine. Peterborough, N. H. 03458,

NOVICE AND TECHNICIAN HANDBOOK by W6SAI and W6TNS. Limited quantity for only $2.50 each. 73 Magazine, Peterborough, N. H. 03458.

GEAR FOK SALE. List issued monthly. 88 or 44 mH toroids five for $1.75 postpaid. Elliot Buchanan, W6VPC, 1067 Mandana Blvd., Oakland. California 94610.

ESTATE SALE and bargain list. Send for it and include SASE, Write Paradd Sales and Engineering Service, 280 Route 10, Dover, N.J. 07801.

NOVICE CRYSTALS 80-40 $1.30 each, Also other freqs. Free list Nat Stinnette W4AYV, Umatilla, Fla.. 32784.

WANTED: Broken and otherwise damaged antenna rotators. State price, condition and manufacturer in first letter. W1DTY, RR #lf Box 138, Rindge, NH 03461.

SONAR 10-80 METER TRANSMITTER with matching VFO; uses efficient 5894 in the final. $75 with power supply and VFO, 73 Magazine, Peterborough, NH 03458,

WANTED: 2H volt prop pilch motors. State price and condition in first letter W'lDTY, RR #1, Box 138. Rindge, NH 0346 L


Phasemaster Jr provides 60 watts PEP: sufficient to drive most KW linear amplifiers. S60. 73 Magazine, Peterborough, NH 03458.

WANTED: General Radio model 1140A wavemeter. W1DTY, RR#1, Box 138, Hindge, NH 03461.

HANDBOOK OF HAM RADIO CIRCUITS by W9CGA. Complete schematics and operation data on many popular ham receivers, transmitters, transceivers and power amplifiers. §2 95 from 73 Magazine, Peterborough, NH 03458,

TELEVISION INTERFERENCE HANDBOOK by W1DBM. This is a complete handbook that tells you how to cure your TVI problems. 51,75 from 73 Magazine, Peterborough, NH 03458.

CRYSTAL CONTROL ON 2304 MHz: AN/FRC-37 (XN-1) transmitter and receiver. Transmitter crystal controlled with 64 MHz-range crystal. 1970-2400 output Straight through 3CX100A5 final. Completely metered. Video modulator (can be used for voice) included. Uses 5 2C39's. Big blower. Type N output-Receiver: 1700-2400 MHz tunable with excellent AFC. Completely metered. Low noise if preampiifier. Call-brated mixer and preselector tuning. Includes Frequency Standards FSC-174 1675-2425 MHz wavemeter, serial 3001. Both are rack mounted and include cables and power supplies. Operate on 110 V ac, Heavy. Tentative price $200. Paul Franson WA1CCH. Editor, 73 Magazine, Peterborough, N.H.

U RLs BLL'hBOOK saves money. These prices, without trades, cash or charge. SSIR-§449.10; HT32-5251.1G* HT37-S233 10; SX99-$85J>5; SX 101-$16M0; HX10-$260.~ 010; Champ 350-9170.10; King 500-A-5206.10; HQ 170C-5179.10; Ranger-$89.95; NC400-?269.95; SB34-$269,95; Galaxy 300-$161,10; hundred more-free list. WRL Box 919, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501.

»0% O 4i*% OFF original cost, liquidating shack. WRL SB-175 Meteor sideband AM and CW transmitter $47, matching power supply $22, Knight T-60 transmitter $32, Heathklt HG-10 VFO with power supply $25. Ameco code oscillator and monitor $6, Knight P-2 SWR power meter 58, Knight K-100 receiver with M5" meter and matching speaker Heathkit tower $34, Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk receiver S145, matching speaker $5, Ameco CN144W 2-meter converter with power supply for Mohawk $35, miscellaneous filters, crystals, mikes, keys, coax, etc. All equipment mint condition with manuals, Don Walters K5M1C, Route #3, Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601.

WANT; R278'GR, or R278B GR; Also R391 receivers. Thompson, 5 Palmer, Gorham. N.H-

COLLINS—75A4—Little used, perfect condition. Spinner Dial, 3KC Filter. Certified Check $385.00 FOB,

L. M. Klentz, 825 Rowland Wilson ReL, N-E, Warren, Ohio,

COLLINS 75S-3 serial #12652 and control unit 312B-4 serial #53058. Both in mint condition and will ship in original cartons for first certified check of $525.00. Kept in air conditioned room and used very little, Jim Rabil, K4GWV, Box 1111, Rocky Mount North Carolina.

TRANSCEIVER—Drake TR-4, AC-3, MS-4. Like new condition Package $550.00. Will ship RE A Express prepaid. John Mclntire, WA4LVW, 3215 San Mateo St.. Clearwater, Florida 33515.

14TH ANNUAL BANQUET of the Lake County Amateur Radio Club, Inc., to he held at Yeibel's Restaurant, U.S. 30 and 41 (Schererville, Ind., near Gary) at 6:30 p.m., CST\ February 11, 1967, Entertainment, Speakers, prizes. Tickets $4.00 each from Herb Brier, W9EGQ, 385 Johnson St., Gary, Indiana 46402.

GONSET G-7fi TRANSCEIVER—100 watts. 80 through 6 meters, AM CW, built-in VO, Ideal for General, Technician, or Novice. $175 takes everything, including AC and DC supplies, E-V FTT microphone, 6-meter crystals, cables, and instruction manual; FOB Santa Barbara. R Peterson, WAfflTOT, 53 San Dimas Ave,, Santa Barbara, Calif. 93105.

LAV FAYETTE HE-45B, Hy-Gain 5 element 6 meter beam. Turner microphone r coax, all for $80. Jon Wood W0UHL, 1036 alrwood Lane, Olathe, Kansas 66061.

WANTED: Military, Commercial, SURPLUS , , . Airborne, Ground, Transmitters, Receivers, Testsets, Accessories. specially Collins, We pay Freight and Cash. RITCO Electronics Box 156, Annandale, Va+ (703) 5605480 COLLECT,

NEW AND EXCELLENT reconditioned equipment at lower prices. Terms. Collins 75S-1, 32S-3, KWN-2; Drake 2-B, T-4X; Gonset GSB-101, GSB-201, G-50; Hallicrafters SX-110, SX-111, SX-101A, HT-37, SR-160, SR-150; Hammarlund HQ-ISO, H-170, HQ-170A; National HRO-60* NC-303, NCX-3, NCX-5, NCL-2000, HRO-500. Much other equipment. Write for price lists. Henry Radio Company, Butler, Missouri.

HAMMARLUND HQ 180AX with noise blanker, $290. RBA, 10 kc to 600 kc. RBC, 4 mc to 27 mc with PS cables, both only $80. Model 19 teletype complete, S150. Model 15 complete with table, $85, National HFS 27 mc to 220 mc, $70. TS18G UP frequency meter, 100 mc to 1000 mc, $125. J. Murray W20AP, 40-33 61 St., Woodside. N.Y, 11377.

Gonset Schematic

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