Alltronicshoward Model L Rtty Converter

Telewriter Medel frequency shift converter designed rar two-tone AM or Fii with iimiter operation available by switch. Solid stale ratio corrector compensates for fad] iff siiri^lä- permits copying on Mark or Space only. Selector magnet dc loop supply built-in with bias supply and o^tal socket for optional pMar relay to key transmitter. Gtt'ft keyer tube, Ptug-in discriminator for 850 cycle or other shifts. Cathode rap or dual eye Indicator. Auto-start control system optional. Friers for 19" rack mounting Model "L11 with dual eye StD3+ Model "L" with C. R, tube indicator $279, Cabinet £19,50


Ugk ID, Boston, Mass. 02101, Tel, 617-742-0048

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Paid over ony top offer for any piece of aircraft or ground radio units, also test equipment, All types of tubes. Particularly looking for 4-250 * 4-400 * B33A

• 390A • ARM ■ GRM * GRC * UPM - URM ■ U5M units.

RT220 ARN2I TA< 'AN Transceiver UttM2l3mc ...KX 115.00 MT928/ARN2I TACAN TransreiTPr Mount with PluK KX 7.50 Ci7B3 ARN2IA T AC A N Trui-celr er Control Box .. *:X 9M TNI8/APR4 Tuning Unit 300-1000tnc. With Tubes. . EX 27,50 TIYI2B APR9 Tuning UnU ]QOO-86fiGmc. W/Tube*.. EX 32,50 TNB0 A Pf?9 Tuning tnlt 4300-7:r>fli ( W Tih. EX ID22SA APR9 Panoramic Indicator. W/Scbeinatlc .KX 10.50

PP335 Main Power Supply for APRS Receiver KX 14.75

PP337 Aux, Power Supply for TN13(l & TSVil, APKiJ EX MTW or MTGOe APR9 Mount for rVil! und Pi'3^7 .KX 4.50 APRÖ Controf fur swlirhine TN12H, 121K 13Q, 131 . . KX 3i>.fl" Scop© Xformer 1050®3m«, fi ^H Windings, GO cycle NEW 4,75 R3I6A/ARR26 14-Tubc AM FM Superhet. 162-174 meLN22.75 C610 Control Box for BS16A Receiver, W/4 Tuhes 4.50

PP468 Power Supply for K'llflA/APtiaO Reevr. 400 cy. LN 4.75 I D I6UCAPN 12 SCO'e. Mif'J ^UT.DPDT Coax Switch LN 12.75 3JP1 CRT w Mount, Shield? Sotker, Intensifler Fluff,« fi.25

SA325 U Coaxial Switch, SP4T 2SVDC Motor ____EX 4.50

Coax Switch. DPDT Thompson Products NV E1SB22CA LN 3,75 RüflectomeUr S^Tt Urlitee w SI et it. HO lOOOmc ... KX ft. 7 ■=> UPM ft Test- APXfl. ¿7 Tub**, 10 Diode». J15V60cy LN liU5

Complete Manual Tor TS726/UPM8. Postpaid 2.i»0

TSW5 Echo Bo*. 1150-1350mc. lOOua Indicator ...NEW ii.75

Complete Manual for Ts -4"- UP. P.^UMid NEW LE1Q

0AA.2 Test Set. lofi 21 Otoe. 200na 115V60cy NEW 3,50

46 A CO i;* Tube Superhet I75r2:i5mr wo Power 8uppl> 22 5i* Schematic for 4GACU flcceivCr. SIhmv, Power Supply ... K00

RlfHA ARNfi I0U-7S0kc lte^eirer. 4 Bands KX 17.50

C403A/ARN6 Control Jiox for R101A Receiver EX 6.50

1D9IB ARNG BewrJn^ Indicator for 11101A Recvr .. EX MT 27a ARNn Mini tiling I'dt It Hl 1A ItOfrLviir. W^PlUf EX -l.^U AS3I3B/ARNG Station Seeking Looil 100-1750kc ...EX 4.75 MT21H3 UNHG Recorder Moutit W PlUfif & Filier l-N .r:.7ii

Sot of l2o Xtals Type 5675 thru B650Kc---- 1Ift.75

C984/C22A 10S-130mc A.R.C. Recvr Control Box ..NEW 1.75 C45 Control B^x for AltC'l and ARC12 Xceivera <,NEW 1.25

. U. nAIÜCn Mississippi, 39520

Prices: FOB Boy Saint Louis, Terms: Net, Cash.


RT- APW-11 RweIver-Tran^.—1-nlt consists of a mo-able receiver cavity, a crystal detector, a video amplifier decoding circuits; ;.< transmitter aiul circuits for pbulnlnK ¡mdio frequency tones Hut pulse position modulated of the AN/MSiM, The transmitter contains circuit» for ihn-codlng tho roily by raryiritf the spacing between the two reply pulses. The Bit Tr»it3. receives input ptfltes irans-mi tied ut a puis*1 repetition frequency of 4 in cycles per second and ¡i preset carrier frequency ranging between 2680 and 2920 MC. The reply pulses are automatically transmitted si a pro^t carrier frtipn ncy ranging lietween 2700 and Mr. lubes: U/12AT7; 2/2D21: 0AS6; fiAL5: 2C40. Size: 13 i 5H x S". Wt-i 10

PRICES: Used, willi Tul»-—?1J.:O. T m J. Tubfi f5.i>o.

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