Arrow Specials For April

RI9/ARC—2 meter tunable receiver. 118-148 mc.

R13/ARC—Tunable VHF receiver. 108-135 mc.

RIO/ARC—Tunable broadcast receiver. 550-1 500 kc. $24.50 new. $19.95 used.

IP274/ALA—Panoramic indicator complete with I 8 tubes» —i—;T—~— ,■ y■ ■ ■ - _________ .-.¡j^..7.50.

Send for catalog #132.



C 1763 A R N21A TACAN Transceiver Control Box____EX 9.00

TN'2B/APR9 Timing UniL 1000-2wi0mc. W/Tube*..EX 32.50 TNI30 APR!- Tunlm Unit 4300-7;r>0mc W/Tubes-.EX 32.50 ID22oA APR9 Panoramic Indicator W Schematic .EX 1Q,50

PP 3 i Main Power Supply for APB9 ReceJw EX 14 75

PP .37 Aiar Power Supp\s for TNI30 A TN13I >'APR!> EX 7.50 APR9 Control for switching TNI 28. 129, 130. 131 . EX 35.00 SN36B APS3i \\ ,V ^UT , other luhrs, Blowers EX 9.25

AMI42/AIC8 Intercom. Mixer-Amplifier w/Tube____EX 3.75

ID 99 A PS 10 Indicator w/5FP7 Cathode Ray Tubo ..EX 4.50 Scope Xformer HHOfí 3ma, fi Fil Windings, fiO cycle XKW 4.75 R3Í6A/ARR26 14-Tiibo AM/PM Suprrfcot. IG2-174 mc LN 22,75 CtiíÜ Controí fcox lor RSlfiA Receiver, W/4 Tubea ..EX 4.50 PP4G8 Power Supply foi APiL'fi liecvr. 400 cv, LN -1 T5

ID I6ÜC/APNI2 Sti»T e. ífJPl CRTJIPDT Coax Switch LN 12,75 ?JP\ CRT w, Sfiielti, Socket, ] nLíiisJ Her Plu Z *. 8.25

SA325 U Coastal Switch, SP4T, 2XVHC Motor ____KX 4 50

Coax Switcfi 11 PI VP. Thompson Product* Xo. T21SB2SCALN 3.75

Reflcctometcr SWtl llríiijie w Meter SO-lOGOmc ____EX 9,75

UPMSTciitfi Ar\i;, '¿7 Ttibes, 10 Diodes HSYtiOcy LN 19,75

Completa Manual for TS7íiíí UFMS, Postpaid 2.50

TS545 Echo Box. U50-I350mc. lDOua Indicator .. NEW 9.75

Compete Manual 'or TS545/TJP, Postpaid NEW t 90

OAA-2 Test Set I50-240mc, 20Üua Ind. U5Y60cy NEW 9.50 4GAC0 13 Tube Super! net Í75-2£5mc. wo Power Supply 22.50

RiOtA ARNfi inn 7>iiki ttecelFCr, 1 Hands EX 17.50

C4Q3A/ARN6 Control lío* for R101A R reiver KX fl.50

I09ÍB ARN6 HiarllJ. Iroicaíor fnr K19TA Reerr ...EX 0,5" MT273/ARN6 M'imtlJi^ for RI01A Hwim. W/Plue EX 4 50 AS3'3B/ARN6 Si-itiow Stekijip Loop. t'JQ-1750kc ...EX 4.75

Control Amplifier w/ll Tubes—A Paris Value EX 3,50

Set of 100 miniature Xials for 11AH Jt Kl>Z Recver EX 17,50

Set flf Í 20 XI al i T>|M FT243 5G75 lliru SC^kc 120/1^.75

C984/C22A IDS-13(1 mc A R C. Rlcvt Conirol Boi . -NEW Lift C-t5 Conirol lir \ I'm A Hi < und A RVV2 Xceivera ..NEW T R28 ARCS 100'156mc Receiver w/T«bea EX 14.75

Er U AVnCKl Boit 294> Bay Saint Louis, ' nM I UCIN Mississippi, 39520

I)enr Sirs:

Letters near TAt

First I would like to tell you that It has been several years since I have picked up a copy of 7 3, This happened because I more or less was interested in the hobby for a while. At that time 1 was subscribing to QST, CQ, 73, and VHF AMATEUR. I let all of them run out except QST.

About two months ago E picked up a copy of 73 a friend had down at work. After spend« ing several days almost reading it cover to cover I ordered the following books: Military TV, Index to Surplus, ATV-Anthology, and Parametric Amplifiers. I must say I was very impressed with the quality and material of the books.

For the past couple of weeks now my interest has been steadily building to the point where I have now checked out a 6 meter converter, purchased a used 2 meter converter and pre amp., dusted off the old BC-312, mounted the 6&2 meter beams, and will soon be trying the Heath Kit Seneca to see if it blows up when I turn it on. 1 also use to work on 432 MHz but that will have to wait for a little while,

I can honestly say that all of this interest has been sparked by reading a couple recent issues of 73. The many technical articles are related to up to date circuits and modern components, There are at least a hair' dozen cir* cuits I have seen in the October and December Issues that 1 would like to build.

Now the reason I am writing this letter Is that I have a rather unusual request. I would Hike to start another subscription to 73 with the October liMl« Issue* This is the first issue that I looked at and there are a couple of the circuits in it that I would like to build. T am afraid that I could not get a single copy away from my friend for anything- Trying to find 73s In the second hand book stores around here is a lost cause also.

So if it Is not too much trouble wotild you please start by subscription with the October 1966 issue. If this can not be done then do the next best thing and start with the latest issue.

M. Robert Harnett WA2BWA Rochester, New York

Hear T*Ir, Greeni

An agreement permitting U.S. amateur radio operators to operate in India was recently concluded with the Government of India. Under the procedures established, an American amateur who wishes to operate in India should apply to do so, preferably before leaving the US,, by writing to the Wireless Adviser to the Government of India* Department of Communications, Sardar Patel Bhavanr Sardar Square, Parliament Street, New Delhi l„ India. The writer should receive full details by return mail. You might be interested to know that several Americans are already availing themselves of this opportunity and have received licenses to operate amateur radio stations In India.

Donald W, Horn. Second Secretary U. S. Embassy New Delhi« India

I would like to correspond with a amateur who would like to assist a veterinarian in assembling equipment to monitor the heartbeat of an animal. I want to put a mike jack into the side of a pocket-size two-way radio thai can be attached to the harness on the animal, so I can monitor it from my car, which has a receiver in it, I also need a sensitive amplifier to pick up the same on animals inside by clinic. Since I know nothing about building such, 1 need the expert advice of a ham interested in the field of veterinary medicine. Would appreciate hearing from anyone.

Dr. II- Grady, D.V+M aas Fletcher Street Thomasville, tieorfglfl

Dear 73i

Reference is made to Bob Renfro's, WA4NXC, very interesting article in the November issue on the Air Force Eastern Test Range.

Since mention was made to the range prime and sub contractors, FA A and RCA, respectively, let us not forget another range contractor who is instrumental in up-grading the capabilities of the Eastern Test Range,

Federal Electric Corporation (ITT) is presently installing a submarine cable system for the Air Force, between Cape Kennedy and the downrange islands. The new Cable will provide up to 270 4kHz channels on which telementry and tracking data, and voice messages, will be sent to the Cape in "real time/'

John J. Boocltcr

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