General Surplus Sales

75S-3B, 3 filters 5450, 75S-3C. 3 filters $550 (extra crystals), 32S-3 with AC power supply $575 312B4 S110. 30S-1 extra final and other tubes $650. New 4CXtOOO tubes S30 each. Ssnd certified check to Clinton Pierce. 6136 Manton Aenue Woodland Hills, Calif. Phone 346-7908,

MANIFEST: Belgium, Wise April 1st. Prizes, entertainment, swap shop, etc. Advance tickets $4 including dinner. P.O. Box 13, Port Washington,


KISHWAUKEE RADIO CLUB hamlet. Hopkins Park Shelter House in DcK lb, Illinois on Sunday, May 7. Contact WA9MBJ for more information.

HALLICRAFTERS SX-110 receiver, perfect condition, genera] coverage with ham bandspread, crystal filter $90. Local only. Pullman. 758 Brady, N,Y C. 597-6293.

I'D RATHER SELL extra equipment than see it collect dust. Late National NCX-3t NCX-A, S225. Mint Drake 2B, 2BQ, 2AC. $229. Unassembled Eico 720 transmitter kit, $49. Edward Pacyna Jr., 36 Nahant Ave., Dorchester, Mass, 02122,

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! HAMS! National incentive licensing poll! Vote for or against, signing ycur call and handle on QSL or postcard. Now! Results petitioned to FCC, Spread the word fast. Vote today. Hush your vote to ÄCCABC, Dept. 73, Box 685, Moravia, N.Y. 13118,

HELP K9LUF celebrate one year as a General on April 1st and 2nd and get a special certificate. 21.350 and 14.250,

WANTED: TEST EQUIPMENT, laboratory quality such as Hewlett-Packard, General Radio, Tektronix, etc. Electronicraft, Box 13, Binghamton, N.Y. 13902. Phone 607-724-5785.

BEAUTIFUL SB-300 $210 and SB-400 $280 or combination for $450. WA1CTL. lfi Woodside Drive, Wilbraham, Mass.

SB-34 with new mobile mount, SHE mike. HB crystal calibrator installed Good condition. S280. K4AWR, B, L. Ferris, Rt 1. Box 134C, Flat. Rock( N.C+ 28731.

ANTENNA: P. J. Bandmaster coax antenna—the travelling ham's dream. Quiet reception, broadband, portable, all bands, including C.B, Write to Endres Electronic Systems. Mt, Mesa. Lake Isabella, Calif. 93240.

4CX250B's with socket and chimney $5, Diodes 600 PIV, 500 ma, 12 SI, Capacitors 400 uf. 300 VDC 50c1, Many other items, send SASE for goodie sheet. Wanted model 14 punch only. Will trade. Dell Thomas WB2NRY, RO. Box IttiO, Pough-keepsiCp N.Y, 12603. Phone 914-462-0415.

B! RM INGHAM PEST: April 29 and 30. Write Box 603, Birmingham, Alabama,

COAXIAL transmit-receive relays rated 400w. auxiliary contacts for receiver mute, etc. SO-239 connectors, 57.00 postpaid Randy Beamer, 645 57 Ave. N E,f Minneapolis, Minn.

SELL: Millen KW Transmatch 62200 $100,00. Millen Modulation Monitor Scope 90932 $50.00, connects to transmatch. Both for SI40,00. WA90BR. Rev. Elwood Anderson. Mantius, Illinois,

HRO-5TA1 with HD-ll Q Multiplier; Surplus URO 190kc-30mc, RAC: DX 60 xmtt; HG-in VRO, College Forces Sale. Best offer. WA9IYK, Box 22, Milan. Ind,

Millen Transmatch JuniorSurplus Military Electronics


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