Sb-34 Transceiver

The SB-34 transceiver is a complete fout-band transceiver for 80, 40, 20 and 15 meters, with built-in power supplies for both 115 volts AC and 12 volts DC, The SB-34 is almost completely transistorized with 23 transistors and 20 diodes; the only vacuum tubes used are in the final power amplifier and driver stages. In addition to the built-in power supplies, all the necessary inter-connecting cables are provided with each unit. Since a front panel mounted speaker is included, only a suitable antenna and a microphone are required lo put the SB-34 on the air.

This transceiver uses a Collins 2.1 kHz mechanical filter for excellent receiver selectivity and a sharp, clean sideband signal. There are no relays inside the SB-34; all the t ran sm it-receive switching is accomplished with solid state circuitry, The WO tuning dial employs a dual speed mechanism which allows fast dial movement to the desired portion of the band and smooth slow speed drive for positive vernier tuning of a single sideband signal. The sidebands are completely selectable from the front panel and a offset tuning control allows the receiver to be tuned up to 2 kHz from the transmitting frequency.

On DC operation the transmitter filaments may be switched off with a front panel switch for low current operation of the receiver portion. This type of operation is especia ly desirable for portable or emergency operating conditions; the transceiver only requires 500 mA at 12 volts DC in this standby-receive mode.

1967 Ham RadiosPicture Radio Swan 400

Swan 350 and 400

The Swan 350 transceiver is a complete coverage 5-band unit providing SSB, AM and C\V; its companion is the Swan 400. The 350. with an appropriate power supply is a complete package requiring only a microphone and an antenna; the 400 requires an external VFO in addition to a power supply, microphone and antenna. The 350 was designed to be a basic transceiver, providing the means for the owner to add the accessories of his own choice.

Accessories available for the Swan 350 include a 100 kHz calibrator, selectable sideband kit, and transistorized VOX. On the other tiand, the Swan 400 includes the calibrator, selectable sideband, built-in speaker and VOX but does not include the VFO. There is a choice of three different VFO's for the model 400, the model 410 which is essentially the same as the VFO used in the 350, the MARS oscillator wliieh provides operation on any crystal controlled frequency between 3 and 30 MHz and the mobile model 40fiB VFO. The 406B is actually a combination control box and VFO and when used with the Swan 400 permits remote control of a trunk mounted transceiver in your can It includes the VFO as well as an rf gain control, microphone jack and bands witching, Any one of these VFO\s may be used with the Swan 350 to provide trans-mit-reeeive functions on different frequencies.

The power supplies available for the Swan transceiver are also quite extensive. The standard AC supply, the model 117XC is probably the most popular supply, because if is a very husky unit that may be used mobile with the proper Swan conversion kit. For negative grounded cars (12 volt) the model 14X kit is required; for positive grounded cars, the model 14XP is used. These conversion kits are simply modules which plug into (he back of the standard 117XC power supply. i^or the operator who wants to operate mobile only, Swan also lias a DC power supply available, the model 14-117.

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