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New Products

(from page 132)

Top Tuning Piston Capacitor

The Components Division of the JFD Electronics Company has just announced a universal top tuning assembly which adapts all JFD piston capacitors tor top tuning and vertical mounting. These units are ideal for applications in equipment where space is at a premium and top tuning is required.

These components are available in two wire and pin or four wire configurations for printed circuit use. The unit shown here has a range from 2 to 25 pF, a working voltage of 500 Vdc, and Q of 600 at 20 MHz. For further information, write to JFD Electronics Company, Components Division, 15th Avenue at 62nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11219,

Amperex Semiconductor Catalog

Amperex has just announced the latest edition of their condensed Semiconductor Catalog. This new catalog contains the basic specifications and related material on the full line of Amperex semiconductors. It serves as a quick reference guide and includes specification lists and associated applications references on transistors, diodes, audio amplifier assemblies, integrated circuits, heats sinks and audio kits. In addition, there is a list of Amperex Application Reports. Free copies may be obtained by writing on your company letterhead to Amperex Electronic Corporation, Advertising Department, Hicksville, Long Island, New York 11802

1967 EICO Catalog

EICO has just announced publication of their new 1967 catalog. This .new catalog features EICO's complete line of 200 electronic kits and factory assembled instruments for hams, electronic technicians, hobbyists, CBers and audio buffs. Among the new EICO items included in this catalog are their 717 Electronic Keyer, 711 Shortwave Receiver, 888 Engine Analyzer and 'Cortina" solid-state stereo. Also included are the EICOCRAFI Solid State electronic kits—seventeen different units for many applications. For your copy of this new catalog, write to Electronic Instrument Company, Inc,, 131-01 39th Avenue, Flushing, New York 11352.

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