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satellites are 8 x 8.5 inches. For additional information on receiving pictures from the Automatic Picture Taking satellites, see: QST, Nov. 65, p. 11. CQ, Sept. 66, p. 44. Electronics World, March 67, p. 23. CQ, Aug, 66, p. 25, Electronics, July 27, 1964 p. 81 & 99. These machines will send and receive pictures, schematics, etc., up to 8.5 x 14". They can be used on the 2 meter band and up without any additional equipment other than your AM or FM receiver and xmtr. When transmitting, it provides a monitor copy which is an exact reproduction of the picture being transmitted. lOOFt rolls of recording paper are readily available at a cost of less than 2 cents per picture!

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