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That's right. Get your FCC commercial op orator's licensei and then work, at good pay., in your "hobby" field--radio end electronics., We prepare you by correspondence, under our 'qet your license or your money back" warranty, Ge+ f ll I! defalk in our free "FCC License Course Brochure". Write:

Grantham School of Electronics, Dept. R> 1505 N. Western Ave,, Hollywood, Calif. 90027

feltaws back home we!i informed so they can be on the air when you arrive at a rare country.

I knew all about some of the fellows taking days off from their work to contact me. I knew many of them would want to know which day they should play sick, I had even heard of one of them ilying back to his home in Ohio from his Texas vacation spot just to work a new one. There is, I am told, a doctor in NYC who will leave his patient on the examination table when one of the fellows gave him the land-line buzz that I was on the air. Bill Eitel of Eimae told me that so many of his crew got sick on the first day I landed at some spot and got going, that their production was very drastically cut! Of course, I think lie was pulling my leg.

I can't see any rea! reason why, under normal conditions, a fellow can t tell yon where and when he will be at such and such a spot, provided he knows when it will be* You go 011 a DXpedition to work as many fellows as possible and this is one way to make sure you get plenty of callers when you get going from a "gud one", Sometimes I ke 10w it's not a good policy to announce too far ill advance where you are planning on going; there is the possibility of some eager beaver beating you there or maybe getting telegrams or air mail letters to London to stop you. Under lliese circumstances it's always best to play it cool and keep your mouth shut. I learned this the hard way on the Chagos trip. This might explain why i)on Miller stays real quiet most of the time as to where he is going or planning on going,

Sid had a very nice peach orchard right in Ms back yard, the peaches were about one to two months from being fully ripe, and that's when 1 told him and his wife I most certainly would stop by and see them on my return from the islands. I told thern about my being from the part of the USA where peaches and watermelons grew the best and how I loved to wrap my lips around peaches and whipped cream (rim umm). 1 [e said he would hold a few treefuls just for me to eat upon my return.

I sure hated to leave Kroonstaid with all that fine home cooking and the real friendship that both of them extended to me, but i kept looking at the calendar and saw "D" day for the ships departure from Capetown creeping up on me.

Late one evening I boarded the train for Capetown; Sid and his wife and daughter saw me off, and away I was for Capetown. A really smooth ride all the way down. Those South African trains are very plush and smooth riding and the food in the dining cars is very good and reasonably priced. The cost of the fare was reasonable too. Arriving in the vicinity of Capetown at sunrise the next morning I could see that il was quite hilly around the country and city.

Marge and Jack-ZSIRM and ZSIOU-

met me at the railway station. They had (he mayor of the city along with them, and alter a verv fine welcome, they insisted we m w m stop at a cold drink bar for a Coke (it took practically no convincing, [ must say), As usual when we sat down and ordered the drinks, (we all ordered Cokes) I told the waitress to be sure to bring mine in the bottle, please. She said OK, and as is usual, she brought il to me in a glass.

I refused the drink and told her I wanted it 111 the bottle; with a hall frown she then brought me another, this time in the bottle. The mayor said, "There is no difference," and that's when I said, 4iOh, yes there is, I am a connisseur of Cokes, 1 know when they are best." He and Jack and Marge had theirs in a glass, then they all ordered another Coke in the bottle. Right there in the drink fear they had a sip and smack test of Cokes—they would sip a little from their glass, then take a swig from the bottle; after a little of this testing all three decided that there is a difference. They all said it was much better directly from the bottle!

II I did nothing else in South Africa, 1 converted three people to drinking Cokes the right way—directly from the bottle! After this little episode the mayor departedi 1 guess for his office, and Jack, Marge and I departed fur The Strand where they lived in an upstairs apartment overlooking the beach- The Strand of Capetown is a beach-side resort area, a sort of holiday spot, where everyone goes on the week ends to swim, fish, golf* etc. Marge works in a beauty parlor and lack sells insurance. They arc not in the wealthy class at all; they are regular down to earth kind of people and (heir's is not a fancy apartment. They had held a bedroom ¿specially reserved Tor me, and their Fridge was jammed full of Cokes, fresh figs, Cape grapes, cantelopes, watermelons, and other goodies.

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