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shielding assures minimum radiated leakage, rhe power supply is regulated for maximum output stability.

The KG-686 kit is furnished with a BNC output jack, mated terminated cable, solder, detailed assembly manual and operators manual—everything vou need. Available for $95.00 from Allied Radia Corporation, 100 N. W estern Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60680,

Knight-Kit Solid-State RF Signal Generator

If you have been struggling with an old tube-type signal generator or using a unit that is poorly calibrated, you can step up to an excellent solid-state unit with the new Knight-Kit KG-686, This generator covers from 100 kHz to 54 MHz with an accuracy of ± 1.5% on all bands. When the built-in LOO kHz/1 MHz crystal calibrator is used, usable calibration within 0,1% can be easily obtained. A built-in detector-amp lifter-speaker gives zero beats from the crystal calibrator.

The built-in meter shows either rf carrier or modulation level and the individually shielded attenuator switches provide 21 output levels to -96 dB. 0 dB equals 100,000 p.V into 50 ohms and calibrated outputs as low as —106 dB (0.5 pV) may be obtained. Fine control with the meter covers —10 to + 2 dB calibrated on the meter. The maxi mum calibrated output into a 50-ohm load up to 30 MHz is 120,000 fiV, ±2 dB. The internal modulation is 400 Hz with metered depth of 50% up to 30 MHz. Provisions are made for external modulation—1 Vrms will provide 50% modulation at 400 Hz,

The KG-686 features a solid-state floatingtype chassis-isolated oscillator with tunable L and C on every band for accurate tracking. j he 4" metal dial has two alternating colors for easy reading and the 6:1 vernier drive with anti-backlash permits you to set it right on the money. The chassis has been carefully layed out and generous copper

Ameco Preamplifier

The new Ameco PT preamplifier is a continuously tuning unit that is specifically designed for use with a transceiver. It improves sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio while receiving and bypasses itself while the transceiver is transmitting. In addition, it may be used to feed a second receiver and automatically mutes it when transmitting. It so improves immunity to transceiver front-end overload by use of its built-in attenuator. All of this without any modifications to the transceiver.

The PT preamplifier has been found to be especially effective on 10 and 15 meters when used with transceivers using a pi network in the output Most receivers of this type begin to suffer a noticeable decrease in sensitivity on 15 meters and especially on ten. In addition, the inclusion of 6 meters in its timing range makes it usable with those Second receivers having a 6-meter range, $49.95 h 'om Ameco Equipment Corporation, U. S. Highway 1, North, P.O. Box 6527, Raleigh, North Carolina 27608.

Gonset Two-Meter Linear


A new linear amplifier with a built-in solid-state power supply for mobile use with a GSB-2 SSB Communicator or similar exciter has been announced by Gonset Rug-gedized for mobile use, it is completely self-contained, and derives all operating voltages

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