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you see how its' done now; when do you think you'll finish that T-60 kit you re working on so you too can get on the air and work Judy and others?" "Ill bet it won't take me more than a couple of days now FN; I'm supposed to go on some kind of picnic tomorrow but Tm not going; I'd rather spend Sunday working on the rig and then Larry can cheek it for me and maybe I can even get on the air Sunday evening. The club gang and Larry helped me get up a good antenna a couple of weeks ago and it sure made a difference in my received signals. I ve got the crystal, key, antenna switch and everything for the transmitter now so you can bet 111 get that finished in short order". "Tell you what well do kids, if its' OK all around" FN replied, "suppose you come out to my place next Saturday and we'll have a nice talk about clubs and organizations to which you can now belong, magazines and books most suitable for the novice and we can also discuss proper operating procedures to get you the best results and put you on the road toward your General class ticket. As you know, you can be a novice for only a year, and then you must pass the General class exam or give up ham radio until you do, so you'll have to keep right on with your code practice and book learnin'. The code will not be too bad as you'll be using it every day on ¡he air but don't neglect your books because the theory exam for General is considerably broader in scope than was your novice. So} how about it . . . want to come out next Saturday?" "You bet/' they chorused, "we'll need all that kind of help we can get".

Before the gathering broke up, Tom chimed in with, "Remember Dad, I'm coming out with them; this doggone stuff has gotten under my hide and I can't let these kids beat me out. I'm reading both the books and Judy has been giving me a lot of code practice so Im getting there", "Fine Tom," returned FN? "come on out . . we'll make a ham of you yet".

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