Volt Filament Xfmr Kv Insulated

Unused government surplus, 120 volt 60 cycle input with 2 isolated secondaries, 5J volf at 43 amps and 5.1 volts ¿it i4.5 amps. Use them back to back for a high powered line Isolating Iransformer. $5-00

4X250 SOCKET w/chlmney & plate ring $4,00

One only . . . COLLINS KINEPLEX RCVR/XMTR TE-202F-5 & TE-2Q2E-L $200 takes aJL

Don't have any Info on this but it's racks of transistorized equipment & with power supplies. If you know what it Is you can steal it for ------------------„----------------------------$200,00

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