The Davco Dr Communications Receiver In Brief

FREQUENCY COVERAGE: Ten 550 kHz segments covering the entire 80, 40, 20, )5, 10 meter horn bands plus 50.0-50.55 in 6 meters and 9.5-10,05 WWV, Provision for two extra ranges. 100 kHz crystal calibrator,

SENSITIVITY; Better than .6 microvolts for lOdb s/n,

SELECTIVITY; SSB: 2.1 kHz Collins mechanical filter. AM: 5 kHz ceramic/transformer filter. CW: 200 Hi crystal filter

STABILITY: Negligible warm-up; less than 100 Hz per hour; less than 25 Hz for 20% power supply variation. Extreme resistance to shock and vibrationĀ»

DETECTORS: Separate AM and SSB/CW product detectors; crystal-controlled BFO.

NOISE LIM1TER: True blanking action preceding seleo fivity; has separate A.NL amplifiers and detector; front pane-l threshold control*

RF STAGE: Low noise premium Field-Effect RF amplifier and first mixer for resistance to overloading and cross-modulation; tuned circuits employ high-Q toroidal inductors.

SEMICONDUCTOR COMPLEMENT: 23 bipolar transistors, 2 Field-Effect transistors, 10 signal diodes, 1 power diode, 2 zener diodes.

SIZE: 4" high, 7W wide, 6" deep. Weight; 7 pounds

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 12 vojts DC @ 300 ma. maximum,

PRICE: from factory $389.50

DR-30s: Complete regulated power supply for operation of DR-30 from 110/230 volts 50/60 Hz, plus battery holder for 9 D-stze cells for portable operation; speaker, earphone jack. (Illustrated above) .,. Ā«$39.50


1967 Stereo Receivers Images

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