Slep Electronics Company

Mobile Power, The Alternator,

Schleicher W9NLT Solid State Alternator Regulator,

Oakea K6UAW The Synchronous Detection Process,

Nagle W3DTJQ Grounded-Grid Filament Chokes,

Deane W6RET Mobile Installations, Wagner G3BID Relay Energization in Fixed and Mobile

Equipment, Ronald VE4REJ Designing Permeability-Tuned Coils, Marovich Feeding the Cat Underwater, Gercke K6BU Trim for Ten, Miller DL5AF Hamateur Acoustics, Green W3RZD A Workbench Clutter Filter, Bruce WA6UVS Station Accessory Control Unit, Paxton K6ZHO Tricky Soldering Job, Crowley K2FFR

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Sept 64 Oct 20 Nov 34 Nov 68 Dec 34 Dec 38 Dec 52 Dec 76

Test Equipment

FET Transductanee Tester, Fisk WlDTY Jan 16

VOM Transistor Tester, Thorpe Jan 38

Etched Circuit UHF Dipmeters, Corbett W1JJL Jan 54 A Simple Voltage Calibrator, Ashe W2DXH Jan 70 A Reliable VHF/UHF Directional Coupler,

Kolb WA6SXC Feb 67

A Semi-Precision Capacitor, Fisk WlDTY Feb 42 A Sensitive RF Voltmeter, Fisk WlDTY Mar 56

James Dandy Diode Tester, Ashe W2DXH Apr 50 Tube Symptom Troubleshooting,

Stellhorn WA0NEA A 1296 Grid Dipper, Fisk WlDTY Micro-logic for Non-logical Users,

Olson W6GXN Wide-Range VHF/UHF Dipper,

Hoisington K1CLL A Frequency Calibrator for the VHF Man,

Olson WfrGXN The Great Dipper, Boyd WA0AYF A Sirnpie Resistance Bridge, BHck VE3AHU A Poiarity Sensitive Meter for the Sightless,


A Pulse Generator for the Amateur,

Olson W6GXN DC VTVM, Ashe W2DXH 220 Wavemeter, Clark WA2TOV Mini-SWR Bridge. Schultz W2EEY

May 61 June 16

June 58

July 64

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Nov 20 Nov 53 Nov 60 Dec 60

Transit) Tt+ers

High Frequency

A KW With the Amperex 6KG6,

Baird W7CSD The 30P1 Linear Amplifier, Marez W1DBN Practical Tips on Transistor Transmitters,

Burbank K0CJF Transceiver CW Filter and Monitor,

Schultz W1DCG The Whole of the Doughnut, Klein W4BRS A Poor Man's Transmitter Cabinet,

Cooke WA4RHT Suppressed-Carrier Amplitude Modulation, Janssen VE7PQ

A 160 Meter Sidewinder, Kelly W6JTT A Compact Linear Amplifier, Filion VE2AES/W6

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