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A Homebrew Operating Desk

Overall view oi desk. Top is covered with linoleum, with anodized aluminum trim* The wood is painted cream, with a dark brown door. Complementary knobs and drawer pull from Sears, Roebuck,

I just finished reading Bob Lefferts article, "The Basic Desk", in your magazine. His design is good, and the article well written. I m sure we a]1 have our pet desk designs, to fit our particular needs. Let me toss in my two cents, for what its worth, cause Ive got a desk design tool

Low cost, limited building time, simple, attractive and portability were the goals to achieve. The inclosed photos tell the story of construction, design and finishes.

Radio Rim Amateur

The cabinet built as an accessory to stretch desk top space. The back is ventillated by punching large (J11) holes in the masonite, This cabinet is not bolted to the desk in any way, and can be shifted around at will.

Some side comments are in order. The entire affair, "including paint, linoleum covering for the top, and aluminum ¡rim around the top, came to just under $15.00, Time to design, build, finish, and final-assemble at the shack site, took three weeks of evening work; off and on. (I would estimate about 12 hours all together.)

1 stretched my desk-top space, as you can see from the photos, by use of a wooden cabinet. The cabinet is not screwed down to the desk, and can be moved or removed m at any time, It is a re^il space savert and helps group all operating controls in one area. rl le back of the cabinet is masonite, drilled out with holes to allow adequate air flow around the receiver.

All the goals stated above were met. I've been sitting at this desk for over a year, with no nagging desires to change the design, Besides. I have a piece of furniture that my wife is not ashamed to show to visitors; to me, the greatest compliment of them all!

Vertical Poste Repisa

The cabinet is made to accomodate 19" wide rack panels, if so desired. Thus, a power supply, or linear could be easily built in. ¡In my case, ! have two shelves for odds-n-ends, Door is held in place with "hidden'' hinges, and a magnetic latch.

is m

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HERBERT W. GORDON COMPANY Harvard, Mass. 01451, 617-456-3548 "HzZptng Ham& to HzZp Tkzm&zZvzA"

Don Marquardt K9SOA

RR 7t Box 436

Crown Point, Indiana 46307

A Simple and Inexpensive Cavity for Six Meters

Here is a simple capacitivelv loaded coaxial cavity for use on six meters. It should help reeli tee TVI caused hy harmonics of your crystal oscillator winch fall in TV chan-

nels. ] won't lio into the theory of cavities at this time, but will just say that the cavity described here, has been in operation for some time and it works very well. As you can see, the cost is very low, with the coax connectors and trimmer being the most expensive parts.

While Im not a coffee drinker, myself, I was able to scrounge up a couple of empty cans from xny neighbors who were more than glad to donate something for a project which would help them enjoy channel 2 again.

All the parts, including the coax connec tors, were soldered together so that the entire unit was scaled, Be sure when you get the small cans, that they are steel. Most of the cans are made of aluminum, which makes it difficult to solder. The top and bottom plates were made from flashing copper, but can be of tin or any other fairly rigid material so the inside will not move.

I found that the setting of the capacitor was pretty critical on this particular unit, and had to be reset when moving up or down the band.

If you wish, the entire unit can be made out of copper and then silverplated, It will help, but not enough to warrant the extra time, trouble, or expense . . * unless you like things nice and fancy.

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