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you a complete study users say—"Complete the best!"—Increase it

The specializcrl language of sound'1 brings of the International Morse Code. Satisfied in every detail"—"Easy to learn!"—"CSL is YOUR receiving speed, waster the code nov,l


you a complete study users say—"Complete the best!"—Increase way out of the trough. Wasn't it just his luck the neighbors should complain now.

One by one, our three children arrived. They survived the nights of metal bashing as if it were sweet music. QSL cards ranged the walls. Government surplus became a household word.

I got used to people knocking on the door asking if G3GAD was in the "shack". So long as the kctlle was always boiling for the endless cups of tea, things went on smoothly.

The walls of our now much larger house became covered with certificates, curling at the edges. DXCC, WAZ, WPX, and many others that were meaningless to rue. A very high pole was as necessary to the garden as the roses. Indeed, wherever we moved, it went up first.

Field days were special dates, ringed in red iji kitchen and shack on the calendars. Until the Field Day. He got a blast from some faulty equipment and was suddenly stone deaf, After innumerable tests at the hospital, he was told that nothing could be done.

The house was quiet. The whistles, groans, and metal bashing stopped. It was a sad silence. I would have done anything in the world to be able to hear all those horrible, but familiar, noises again.

Six months passed. The heap of metal and wires that had driven me crazy over the years, lay unused and covered in dust.

He sat up in bed one morning and smiled. "I think 111 just call CQ and see if anyone's about", he said. His hearing had returned. My Ham was back in his beloved headphones again.

*Wifc of G3GAD

CSL NR 1 & NR 2 {1 tape) for the prospective Novice, Technician, General or Amateur Extra Rrst. 3 to 25 wpm.

CSL NR 3 & NR 4 (1 tape) far the advanced operator with a sincere desire to copy code sounds at rapid speeds. How to copy behind, etc, 25 to 55 wpnv Both tapes, plenty of copy—plain and scrambled, numerals and punctuation.

Magnetic tape, 7" reel, dual track, 2 hours. Immediate delivery. Send check or money order. (Specify which tape.) 56.95 eacti.

Both tapes on one order. only S 13.50.

"Ar ^ ^k Sound History Recording, Dept. 73, Box 16015, Washington, D. C. 20023



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