Arcturus Electronics Corp

Phone: 201 — UN 4 — 5568 5D2-22nd. St., Union City, N.J. 070S7 Dept. M73

• a sensitive broadband RF detector gives audible tone signal in the presence of any RF field from lOmw tolkwand lOOkt to 1QOQmc

• a CW monitor with positive "RF" switch uses only 8"pickup antenna and NO connection to rig or key

• a code practice oscillator with adiustoble tone & built In speaker

• high gain 4 transistor circuit powered by long life AA pencell

• 16gauge aluminum cabinet in white & black epoxy finish, 3 Va" by 1 ^a"by 1T/4 " weight 8 ounces

• 100% 115 made and guaranteed

1 095 (bolt incl)

I aL ppd uso&cati send cert ck or m*o. ny re» add 5% tax the James research company 11 schermerhorn sfvbrooklyn n.y, 11201


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Caringella Electronics Model ACP-1 Compressor-Preamp

Available either as a kit, or completely wired and tested, the Model ACP-1 Com-pressor-Preamp is a valuable accessory to amateur radio and CB transmitters for providing added modulation punch and protection against overmodulation.

A low noise, high-impedance FET input stage is utilized in the five transistor, 1 diode circuit. Compression tange is 30 dB. Frequency response extends from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Input and output signal levels are completely adjustable. The unit installs easily in the microphone line. The use of printed circuit layout greatly simplifies the construction of the kit.

Further information may be obtained from Caringella Electronics, Inc., P.O. Box 327, Upland, California 91786. Price: $18.50 in kit form and $26.50 wired and tested.


Lafayette Radio's 1968 Spring Catalog is now available free on request. !"1 lis 132 page catalog contains the latest electronics and stereo hi-fi home entertainment equipment. This catalog may be obtained by writing to; Lafayette Radio Electronics Corporation, P.O. Box 10, Dept. PR, Svosset, L.I., N.Y.

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