Amateur Radio Antenna catalog—26 pages, is available free from Mosley Electronics, Inc. Included is a comprehensive discussion of traps, feed systems, unbalanced radiators, SWR, and other pertinent topics. Write Mosley Electronics Inc., 4610 N. Lindberg Blvd., Bridgeton, Missouri 63042,

Quement Model SWB-2 Dual Meter Standing Wave Bridge

The new Model SWB-2 is a convenient, compact, dual indicator device for use in the amateur radio station to check the operation of the antenna load to the transmitter. For VSWR measurements, this unit uses the dual bridge method of comparing simultaneously the power supplied to and reflected from the antenna system. Continuous monitoring of the transmitter output as well as continuous monitoring of the reflected power is possible by having the instrument in the transmission line at all times.

Price is $15.95 from Quement Electronics, 1000 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose? California.


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The Transistor Radio Handbook

Editors and Engineers, the publishers of the famous Radio Handbook, have just released a transistor handbook that should be on your shelf. This was written by Don Stoner and Lester Earnshaw, whom you should know by now. The book was obviously written for the average amateur for it will not strain the average intellect. It starts with the usual discussion of holes and the like, and rapidly goes on to the practical applications with the basic circuits and a myriad of construction projects.

The book covers audio amplifiers, compressors, modulators, rf amplifiers, detectors, AGO circuits, oscillators, receivers, from a superregenerative detector right up through a complete superheterodyne. There are simple and complex receiver projects, converters for VHF; product detectors, crystal filters, and transmitting power amplifiers^ linear amplifiers, VFO's, etc. Power supplies are covered too, in depth, with do-it-yourself examples of each type.

The book is only $5 and is available at most good parts distributors.

For the Ham with SRACE PROBLEMS...

America's most complete line of Free Standing & Guyed Crank-up Towers, Write for FREE Catalog.


P. 0. Box 115r Hanford, California 93230

FM Equipment for Sale

Low Band, 30 to 50 Megacycles

'v'HfflHR mmMmmmm 1,500-watt, 60-eycies,

^ Light Plant. Fanbelt ^driven y^^ nH^ilRtl^k engine. Operates saws, drills, jr JEBSg i in i; mis. Guaranteed^ With

Regular $S9.50, now ;$49.5o! Send check or money crdt;r.

Virden Ferma-Bilt, Box 7066 S.T. Amarillo, Tex. 79J09

T-olO, 50 uatt Output, fi/12 vibrator supply $65.00

80-D. 80 watt outpttt, IS yolt vibrator-dynamotor siipply , G0-CK) SQ-Bi 30 wall.output, 6 Volt vibrator dynamotor supply .. 45.00 140-D, GO watt outltttt, 12 volt vibrator-dynamotor supply 65.00

High band 152 to 162 megacycles

SOD, 30 w&tt output, 12 volt vibi ator-dynamotor supply 65.00

30 watt transmitter strips, each 15.00

450 megacycles

T44AAV, IS watts output. 6/12 vibrator supply ________60.00

Miscellaneous and one of a kinri items.

F-8H5 power supplies, brand new. ISO volts @ 60 ma,

Power supplier taken from labile equipment, (41 V, 43 V, etc,J, Most need minor repairs, but are useful for parts which are worth over $1$.Q0 in transformers, relays, etc $2.00 ea, 3 for S5.00

Vibrators, fi pinT 7 pin, 4 pin, ~> pin .Si.00 ea. 6 for $5.00 Cable seta for 10 & 15 inch mobiles Give model of set when ordering $3.00 per set, 4 for $t0,00

Plugs: Motorola -3-890S45, brant! new, $1.00 ea, userf, ,50 ea.

t arrying cased for 1121 & similar portables, each $1,00

Control Heads: Fv 0022 & similar with mike, each

]J-D022 & similar without mike, each Motrac, without mike, each

Fuse blocks single fuse .25 each, double fuse, ,35 each

Antenna rods for low band, each over 58 inches Ions, each 1.00 Quick call signal boxes, with relay, pilot liiiht &

switch, each 50

Microphonia hang: up swltrhes, each 25

Link model 1192 base station, 70-100 mc, 110 volt input in rftiik, with line termination unit and original manual. Can be converUd to 6 meters $45.00

Bendix MkT-tf High band, :{0 watts output. 110 volts input. Just removed fffrm commercial service $60.00

Bendi* MRT-e High band, 10 watts 64 volt input, ideal for monitor receiver or field day rig. schematic f u mis li6|d ■ ■. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ u- ■ 1111 * h »«J t«»«i h> k«■ ■ ■ * e S0-»0G

All Equipment is used and subjeel lo prior tsale. All sales are flna] and mu&t be to amateur operators only, Illinois residents add sales tax. Include sufficient postage for small item a. fiend check or money order to

Du Page FM,

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