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• Tube cartons: 6AU0 tite. size, $1.S5 per 100. GSN7 etc. size, $iU5 per 100. 5U4GB size, $2.75 per 100. 5U4G- size, . U^itf each.

• Obsolete tubes; #UX200. S1.G0; #80, $1.20; #10V,

• 7 inch iJO degree TV bench test picture tube with adapter. No ion trap needed. Cat. #7BP7> ST.iM).

• Hi Eicon i.ifier octal-Wed kmfe-itBiige replacement for 5U4, ;>Y3, 5AS4, SAW5T4, 5V4, 5Z4. With diagram. Cat. #Hect \t each.

• Silicon rectifier replacement, octal based, for OZ4T Cat. #Kect 2, each.

• 10 silicon rectified 7a0 HA.. SO to 30t) p.i.v. Cat, each.

• UCA—110 degrees flyback transformer, latest type. Produces KT. Includes schematic diagram application for any TV. Cat

• 5 transistor circuit boards containing up to ft transistors, plus diodes, relators, capacitors, etc. Cat. £TS10, iliJt1

• Needles: values such as #AS22 sapphire, 39^: diamond >

• Color yokes. 7ft degree for all around color CRT's, Cat ¿TXRC78, 90 degree for ail rectangular 19 to 25 Inch color CBT's, Cat. #XKCOOf $12.35.

• Transistorized U.H.F. tuners used In 1&65 to 11>G7 TV sets made by Admiral, RCA. Motorola, etc, Removable ^earin^ may vary from one make to another. Need only It volts d,c. to function. No fiiament voltage needed, Easy replacement, units, Cat. iU.I-LF. 567, $4.95

• Flyback transformer in orifrmat carton. Made by Merit or Todd. Most with schematic drawing of unit. Please do not remiesi specific typo. Cat. fiOri each,

• Kit of 30 tested germanium diodes. Cat. £100, Send for our free catalog listing thousands of similar best buys In tubes, parts, kits, transistors, rectifiers, etc. Order under $5.00, add handling charge. Include of dollar value of order ior postage. Canadian post-aye. £1.00 extra

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