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200 watts per tube 400 watts per tube

To check for parasiticus (there shouldn't be any in this amplifier, but just in case) load the amplifier on 10 meters. After loading (into a dummy load of course) remove the excitation, then rotate the plate tuning capacitor (C5) 1.80*, "here should be no variation in the cathode current without excitation. By now you may have noticed a residual current of 20 to 30 mi!hamperes in the cathode circuit, Don't worry about it, that's natural for this circuit If, however, you do get a variation in current when rotating capacitor fC5) you will have to add a turn or two to the parasitic suppressor traps (Z1 and Z2),

There are several methods of tuning and loading this amplifier. You may tune by the

Note recessed tube sockets and three bifilar wound coils in pantllei as close to the tube sockets and filament transformer as practical.

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