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Clippers, lor fixed station installation, have gone out of style in recent years, being replaced by compressor amplifiers. However, for mobile installations with AM or FM transmitters, they are st II very appropriate. This article presents a particularly compact and simple, but effective, copper circuit for the mobile operator.

Clipping circuits no longer find much application in home stations because of the use of SSB. Although the amplitude of the harmonics generated by diode clippers decreases quite rapidly in amplitude (as the square of the harmonic order), they still produce undesirable modulation effects in

SSB transmitters. However, for use with

AM or FM transmitters in mobile installations, a simple clipper still has great value in maintaining a high average modulation percentage.

The circuit described in this article provides both a pre amplication and clipping action and, because of the small components used, can be built directly into most mobile microphone cases. The circuit of the unit

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