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Binding 73

Jim Kirk, W6DEG

1551 Church St.

San Francisco, Cc, 9473/

In May, '68,73. I note author Tani C. Allen, WA41IRX, refers to my article on book binding in Dec, 66, 73, I have since made a great improvement that I think will prove useful to anyone following my system.

Instead of punching holes in the magazines, and mutilating them until I have a years supply, I start the sewing process as soon as I receive the second issue. When I receive the 12th issue, I have a firm hook ready to be mounted between covers. In the meantime 1 have a sturdy book for ready reference; one that grows with each month.

With 73?s new format, it is super easy. I do not need to pull staples, or separate folios. I count the number of pages and make ice pick holes in the center of the magazine. Then I sew the two copies together. The next step is to place the "book" in a clamp, line it up, and glue a piece of absorbent (mimeograph) paper to the back, I use Le Pages mucilage in the convenient applicator bottle, I still use the re-inforcing tape, and bend the unused part over the cover.

I am now making books out of my four favorite magazines. CQ is not one of them, but 73 and QST are two of them. With Q3T, it is necessary to pull out the staples and separate the folios, of which there are at least 6 in each issue. This makes for more sewing, but you end up with a strong book

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