6150 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63112

I 2 Volt Transistor Power Supply for GE 25 Watt Progress Line Radio $24.00

GE 4 Fre. Oscillator Deck for GE Progress Line 150mc units. Provides osc. sig. for xmtr and receiver $14.50

40-0-40 micro-amps Z ero Center Meter $ 2.95

12 Volt DC -I 17V AC Inverter Parts Kit 200 Watt with diagram and instructions. ;ess case ... $14-95

Jennings Vac. Var. Cap. (UCS-300) with motor drive (0-300 Pf ,$35.00

Telephone op. headset ¡¡Western Electric) $ 8,50

Minimum order $5,00. Sorry, no catalog at this time* Write for specific items.

Watch for our future ads in 73, Stop !n and see us when you're in St, Louis,

it Price—$2 per 25 words for non-commercial ads; $10 per 25 words for business ventures. No display ads or agency discount. Include your check with order*

it Type copy. Phrase and punctuate exactly as you wish it to appear. No all-capital ads.

it We wilt be the judge of suitability of ads. Our responsibility for errors extends only to printing a cor* rect ad in a later issue.

it For $T extra we can maintain a reply box for you*

it We cannot check into each advertiser, so Caveat Emptor * . .

HAM-TV, CCTV CAMERA $110.00, Toshiba 703P Vidicon—$15.00, Elgeet 4" (102 mm) F:2.7 lens, Toshiba 7038 Vidicon—$8,00. WB2GKF Stan Na-zimek, 506 Mt. Prospect Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 07012.

NORTH ALABAMA HAMFEST ASSOCIATION, Inc. Hamfest to be held in Huntsville, Alabama, August 17 and 18. 1968 at The Mall, Contact James A, Brashear, WB4EKJ, for details.

TIE CLIPS: Gold plastic with your call letters engraved in black, Satisfaction guaranteed. SI.25 each. Elderkin Engraving, Box 5622, Pasadena, Calif. 91107,

DX-60A with PTT built-in, $65; HG-10B VFOp $30; Lafayette HA-63 ,540 to 31 mHz( with speaker, $40. Want HT-37. WA9TEB, 67 Bowen St„ Osh-kosh, Wis.

WANTED: Used Davco DR-30 Receiver in operating or repairable concL Price and description to N, F, Moss, 7535 Perry Rd,, Bell Gardens, California.

TRY YOUR DOLLARS where they are worth more. Send for free list. TR495.00—AC4—79,00— 3W4A—275,00—RB4-T-4X B—both 750,00--MN4—75.00 — NCL2000 — 495.00 — NC200 + A C200—395.00—SWAN 350—375.00—500—495.00—All Units New. Freck Radio & Supply Co+> Inc. We trade, 38 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, N. Car, 2801.

Q5L CARDS, 1 color $8.40t 2 color $10.40, per M. High gloss card, 7-day service- Write for free brochure. Pacific Litho Print, Box 156t Waldport, Ore. 97394,

WANTED; Young, aggressive, full charge amateur store manager for full line Florida amateur stores. Health insurance, profit-sharing, stock option, Please submit brief resume with salary requirements to: Box 868t 73 Magazine, Peterborough, N,H. 03458.

PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS made to your specifications from schematic to finished board. Stafford Electronics, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401.

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