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presents exciter and linear. I suggest you leave in the 810 modulators as a bleeder. They will help regulate the plate voltage and improve the signal. When my 810s give out I doubt if i will rep ace them as they make a costly bleeder. The change in the screen supply has been covered, 1 added one outboard socket on the VR tube chassis so that I could have a string of 5-VR 150 tubes. Actually you could do away with the grid bias control tube (you won't need controlled bias on SSB), and use this for the fifth VR-150, Where you removed the old tuning condenser you can mount the ale potentiam-eter, and the drive switch now has the old band switch location. The changes do not make any outward appearance change in the equipment.

The greatest operating pleasure this linear has given me so far is this. With the old circuit, no matter how hard I tried (and with my scope showing a perfect picture), I would have about one call a week from a fellow ham complaining about by borad signal and asking that I cut the gain. I might not have changed the gain control for weeks and all seemed normal. However by adjusting the drive and the grid tuning or the neutralization my problem would disappear. With the present rig, I think I have been called perhaps three times in a year for wide signal complaints, and I have found i! you watch the screen meter instead of the plate meter you shouldn't get any calls at all. . . . W1DIS


he Model 4100 Frequency Control ait ts designed for full coverage [ 80. 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. It i intended for fixed station opera tan and plugs directly into Model DOC It may also be used with lodel 3S0C Eight ranges, 500 kc achN 5 kc calibration.



rovides for the addition of second FO for separate control of trans* lit and receive frequencies Plugs iredfy into Model 500C and may Iso be used with Model 350C and ther Swan transceivers.

riODEL 22 $32

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