IiC-455—11.0-9*1 MC, with Dynamo tor Re-\ew: 14-95

R-25/ARC-5—1.5-3.0 MC, less Dynamotor New: 19.95

R.2&/ARC-5 1^0-156 MC. U-iis Dynamo tor Used: 22.95

BC-456 Modulator—Use with Command Transmitters ________3.95

MD-7/ARC-5 Mod u 1 a tor— AR C - "> and Comm. Trans. ., 9.95


BC-G20 FM TRANSCEIVER—20-27.9 MC Crystal Control, and

BC-659 FM TRANSCEIVER—27-38.9 MC Crystal Control, and

SCR-5i2 RECEIVER TRANSMITTER—AM Four Channel Crystal Control—100-156 MC Usedr 29.95

ABC-3—100-156 MC 8 Channel Crystal Control AM—Aircraft Equip. Electric Band Change. R-77/ARC-2 Receiver—Used: 24.95 T-G7/ARC-3 Transmitter , Re-New; 29.50

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