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The Plan AHe,a Antenna

A dont do it yourself project

Obviously, from the photo, this is not the usual antenna article complete with dimensions, SWR readings, etc. An "April Fool" type structure, it is in reality a cut down eleven meter three element beam now resonating at six meters*

Originally I was happy with the three elements, however, like all things in life, we are trying to improve our lot, Because the mast was too small in diameter, the three element beam kept slipping. After trying C chimps, vice grips, shims, etc. I finally ran a bolt through the boom and mast, which eliminated the slipping, but made it impossible to move the forward or backward.

Richard Mollentine WA0KKC 19 Ed gem ore Court Olathe, Kansas 66061

Looking up and surveying the puny three element array, I thought why not add one more element. After all, another element, another db gain. The antenna is only twelve feet above the roof, so it was a relatively easy matter to add additional elements just by standing on a ladder. So ... one at a time, I added "just one mill-meter more * and eventually wound up with this grossly off center monstrosity.

Nylon guys help to support the sag, I considered adding a weight at the reflector end to help counter balance the dead weight, but apparently the AR 22 R Rotor which powers it is able to take the side thrust with no trouble*

So, although my antenna has the usual good forward gain, low SWR, and turns freely (even in the wind), this is an excellent example of the now quite familiar "PLAN AHEAD' sign. Anyway, how does one go about taking it down? Besides, with just one more element I could get an additional gain of -?

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