A Complete 80-40 Meter FIXED STATION PACKAGE)

Includes 1 ea.; Duo-Bander 84, AC48 250 watt supply, 80/40 Duo-Doublet Antenna kit, 350 mic,, Mic. Plug, PL259 Plug, UG-176/U Reducer and 100 ft RG58/U coax cable.

ORDER: ZZMA104 Package. $205.00 <$10 monthly)

ORDER: ZZMA105 Package. $235.00 (Same as above with 400 watt AC supply) ($12 monthly). |


at a Real WRL Bargain Price!

A GREAT RIG ...Now even Better than Before!

Designed for the Amateur whose interest is SO and 40 meter SSB. Here's Power (now 400 watts!) to make tfood contacts ...a Selective Receiver,.. Stability. * * Compactness (only 5xlli4il0")' It was a great value at the old price. Now you get 100 watts more power and can buy either of these two great packages at $20.00 less! Buy now on our easy monthly terms!

•400 watts PfP-SSB * Rugged-Reliable Printed Circuitry * Dial Calibration * Dual-Speed Vernier VFO tuning • E-Z One-Knob Tune-Up-"Just Peok Output" • Built-in Speaker ■ Mobile Bracket supplied * Combination J'S" and Output meter ■ Crystal Lattice Filter.

No Other Rig offers ALL these Great



ORDER: ZZMA105 Package. $235.00 (Same as above with 400 watt AC supply) ($12 monthly). |


341 S West Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501

Please ship me the following:

□ Duo-Bander MOBILE Package ZZMA103

□ Duo-Bander Fixed Package ZZMA104

□ Duo-Bander Fixed Package ZZMA105

□ Your FREE 1968 HAM Catalog


*Sorry—these reduced prices are without trade. Write us for trade-prices Name_

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