Overall Length

102 feet INCLUDES 30 feet leadin

10-IS-20-40-80 Meters WEIGHT lbs.

Model 86D—For Reception Only ________________________11,95

Models 68A and ¿85 operate 10 through 80 meters with a typical dfpole radiation pattern within the frequency range. A sealed center unit provides connection to 7-22 copper antenna wire and 30 feet of heavy duty twin lead. Twin lead is equipped with a seated coax fitting for connection to a random length of coax transmission line. May be used as a fiat dipole or "inverted V". Not effected by wide changes in climatic conditions. Model 86D is for reception only and covers alt shortwave and broadcast bands. Consists of 100 feet antenna wire, 30 feet twin lead pEus 25 feet of coax for direct connection to receiver.

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