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Socket Ceramic 4XÏ50 Loktal 4/|I

W.E. Polar R«1ay~255A S4S, ,3 $10 Toroïds 88Mhy New Pckg 75c®, <.. 4/S2

200 KC Freq Std Xtals 4/S2

2 Side/cu Printed Ckt Bd New 9x12" $1

Finished Piezo Xtals Blanks SO/SI

Line Filter 4,5Ai3)U5VAC 6 for SI

Line Filter [email protected] 3 for SI

H 'std Stevens Precision Choppers SI PL259A & S0239 CO-AX M&F Pairs 3/S2 Phone Patch Xfmrs Asstd ♦ ... 4 for SI FT243 Xtal 4 Holder, surplus ,. 5 for SI Insltd Bindino Posts "EBYtF 25/$l

Sun-Cells Selenium Asstd lO'Sl

Beam Indicator Selsyns 24VAC L._,.2/$5

Fuse 250MA 3AG 50/SI, 300/S2

Of! Cndsr Strobe. Photoflash 25MFD

Resistor Bleeder 50K/100W 3 for

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Dlscaps [email protected] lOtíñ) ^20/Sl o;eaps+ 2* ,004 rtlOOOW VDC J5c{ffi. 10/$[ Discaps ,03(SIOOOWVDC I5c(^ ____10/SÍ

Olseaps l30mmG/6K V 20c 6/«l

6 or I2VAC Mtnifnn & Blade $1

X Formers All 1I5K-60Cy Primary—

IIOOVCT^ 300Ma. 6v® 8A. 5V @ 3A L 125V Bias, abt 1200 VDC $4® ...3/512 480 Vet^ 40 M a & 6.3^ J-SA CSO $1.50

Surplus 220 Volt AC Circuit

I here have been cases in the last couple of years when odd values of ac were needed for simple experiments here at WB6NWWf and since there are no 220 volt lines installed in the shack a little ham ingenuity and a few phone calls to the local Old l imers brought the answer: use a 110 volt transformer and a 220 volt transformer with secondaries of the same voltage and current back-to-back. This seemed like a FB idea so a few minutes rummaging through the junk box (mine is quite large) brought up two ideal army surplus transformers which had been lying idle ever since their purchase at a local swap meet. The wattage capability of this circuit is limited to the capacity of the voltage and current of the secondaries of the transformers. Both of my transformers were rated at 28 volts at 10 amps, so a little bit of Ohms Law told me that I could draw about 280 watts from the 220 volt ^output" side. Incidently, for our foreign readers: the primaries of Ihis circuit can be reversed if 110 volts is desired from a 220 volt source,

A quick look through the pages of surplus catalogs or a look through the advertisements in this magazine will more than likely locate you a set of transformers with the required voltage and current values at a modest price.

. . . Marty Hartstein WB6NWW

New Ways to Diagnose Electronic Troubles

Things do inevitably break down. You, as an electronic genius* are supposed to be able to fix them, according to your neighbors. This book will help bail you out of almost any scrape you may get into along this line and might even save you a trip to Leger Labs the next time that little curl of smoke comes out of the rig.

Published by Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214, this S3,95 paperbound book makes even the most complicated circuits seem simple, from radios right up through color TV, Service men work out shortcuts for finding difficulties, though this usually takes years of experience. Seldom do you find one exposing what are considered trade secrets the way this book does,

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