Space Age Keyer

• Planar epitaxial integrated cîrcuîfs for reliability. No tubes—No separate transistors,

• Precision feather-touch key buiff-im

• Fully digital—Dot-dash ratio always perfect;

• No polarity problems—Floating contacts switch 1-amp.

• Rugged solid construction—will not walk,

• Send QSL or postcard for free brochure.

Split Frequency with the 5-line

For a long while I've been plagued with having to manipulate my band Switch on the 75S-3 whenever I wanted to work DX which was transmitting in the foreign phone band while I transmitted in the US phone band. A time was to come when the band switch was to give up the ghost, and it is a really difficult job to replace one,

I ordered a 8627.500 kHz crystal from International Crystal Company and inserted it into the holder for the crystal which is labeled 14.8. I now can tune 14-300 through to 14,100 with no trouble and no change of dial calibration. You can readily see what a labor-saving device this idea can be, Ot course, the 32S-1 and 75S-3 are always operated transceive connected, I also find that it makes no difference if the 32S-1 is set on the 14,2 position or on the blank position which follows it This is because when connected for transceive only the crystal in the receiver is used, despite the fact that you can split the equipment for independent operation when necessary.


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