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Dear 73,

Basically I am not a home brew man ; in fact I deplore it due to a visual problem. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the June Surplus issue. I picked up many tips that I would like to try in my shack, I would like to see more issues of this type. Very good issue,

Paul J, Rilling WA3HIT

Dear Wayne,

Opportunity knocks 1 I understand that a "Tornado-be ItM senator, taking advantage of a rare tornado warning in the Capitol City, rammed through a measure to initiate a study on how a tornado warning system could be built. The news article also implied that he stated that the biggest single problem would be rapid communications from one community to another. Then 1 remembered your editorial about the UFO Net,

A net on eighty would provide appropriate coverage day or night. One or more enterprising hams in each county in these parts of the country could make eon-tact with the ESSA man. Usually there is an office with friendly, helpful weather men at a good sized airport, (and they have land-Hne teletype to other offices.)

An effective tornado alert net would be well within our capabilities, would perform a very valuable public service, and might aid those who would like to study these still unpredictable destructive storms. One would be obligated to have emergency power to be a serious contender, since power is often interrupted. Such a net might also prove the value of the UFO net idea in a dress rehearsal with an immediate motivator for a goodly number of hams.

I only wish I had been paying closer attention to the radio when the original news item was broadcast. This is a MARS station AR8AG in NHA TRANG, Viet Nam, and we were running phone patches with A6NAZ at the time. Even listen to a newscast and run a phone patch at the same time?

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