We want to make absolutely sure thai no one is using our 73 mailing list. We do not rent this list out as do other magazines. If your address label from 73 is distinctive and you find that you are getting any mail addressed In the same distinctive way please let us know Immediately and send us the envelope or wrapper that you received so we can take appropriate action. Your help in this will be very much appreciated.

$160.00 FOB HoMis

Each month we have a limited number of used TV cameras which we make available to hams at greatly reduced prices. These cameras were rented out for temporary surveillance jobs on construction sites, county fairs, conventions. etc. All have been checked out and are guaranteed for 90 days. Complete with vidicon and ¬°ens.

Used Model 501 sale priced $160.00 FOB Hollis

Don't delay. Only a few used cameras are available each month. For specifications send for our illustrated catalog.

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