Swan C Ssbamcw Transceiver

Five band, 520 watts for home station, mobile and portable operation.

The new model 500C is the latest evolutionary development of a basic well proven design philosophy. It offers greater power and additional features for even more operator en* joyment, Using a pair of the new heavy duty RCA 6LQ6 tetrodes, the final amplifier operates with increased efficiency and power output on all bands, PEP input rating of the 500C is conservatively 520 watts. Actually an average pair of 6LQ6rs reach a peak input of over 570 watts before flattopping!

The 500C retains the same superior selectivity for which Swan transceivers are noted, The filter is made especially for us by C-F Networks, and with a shape factor of 1.7 andl ultimate rejection of more than 100 dbt it is the finest filter being of™ fered in any transceiver today.

For the CW operator the 500C includes a built^m sidetone monitor, and by installing the Swan VOX Ac* cessory (VX-2) you will have break in CW operation.

Voice quality, performance and re^ liability are in the Swan tradition of being second to none,

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