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Has been sold around the world to and commercial ship operators and ama- Monitor teurs. The Trans-Key (TM) is a new transistorized keyer development for C JA 95 ham radio by licensed hams, A highly sensitive relay driven by a blocking p . . . oscillator offering variable speeds Postpaid From a few words to 50 wpm, is but one interesting feature. This eliminates worries about voltage polarity or potential. The keyer and accompany-in £ monitor are both pen light cell powered or an external 6 volt source can be used. The key contacts are adjustable, A single switch on the back changes operation from automatic (self completing dots and dashes) to semi-automatic or "bug" operation {no-self completing). No rewiring required as on some keyers. Not a kit! Ready to operate as code practice unit or with rig-1 Variable tone control. Dimensions of keyer: 3% x 5% x Keyer set weighs 2 lbs. Dot-space ratio adjustable,

California residents add 5% sales tax. NOTE: The Trans-Key is unconditionally guaranteed one year. Nominal service charge after that* Distributors wanted-

Write to

Box 246


El Toro CA 92630

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