Ac Power Supply

Complete A C. supply for 117 voits, 50-60 cycles, in a matching cabinet with speaker, phone jack, and indicator light, Includes power cable with ping for transceiver, and AC. line cord. Ready to plug in and

The Model 508 Frequency Control Unit is designed for full coverage of 80, 40- 20, 15, and 10 meters. It provides for transmitting and receiving on separate frequencies, and plugs directly into the back of the 500C, A separate Dual-VFO adaptor is no longer required, since the relay control circuitry is built into the 508. A panel control permits selection of VFOs so that operation may be transceive mode with the 500C VFO transceive with the 508 VFO, or transmit on the 500C and receive on the 508. The Model 508 features eight ranges of 500 kc each, with 5 kc calibration, ft may also be used with the 350C transceiver.


Converts the above 1 i 7XC A.C power supply to 12 volt OX. input for mobile, portable, or emergency

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