Fig, 14. The block diagram of the standard time base generator.

dfljft The VHF Amateur


by Robert M. Brown, K2ZSQ/ W9HBF. A completely updated handbook packed with data on vital vhf subjects not available elsewhere. The author formerly published the famous VHF Magazine whose back issues are much in demand. This new handbook incorporates the finest vhf material updated from the former publication, 160 pages. Order EE-65060, only $4-50

Amateur Radio Incentive Licensing

Study Guide by Robert M. Brown, K2ZSQ/ W9HBF, and Tom Kneitel, K2AES. Fully explains the new incentive licensing which affects both newcomers and old-timers. Covers all the new FCC Regulations and band allocations. Includes multiple-choice questions and answers for the new Advanced-Class, and modified requirements for the Extra-Class exams. Also includes sample exams for Novice, Technician, Conditional, and General-Class licensing. 160 pages. Order EE-050, only $2-75

Commercial Radiotelephone License

Û & A Study Guide by Woodrow Smith and Robert Welborn. An invaluable aid in preparing for the exams for the various grades of radiotelephone license or permit. Questions cover the first four elements of the radiotelephone license exam- Answers are comprehensive and detailed. 272 pages. Order EE-031t only, $6.95

Single Sideband: Theory and Practice by Harry D. Hooton, W6TYH. The one-source reference guide to ssb. Covers the origin and principles of ssb, derivation of ssb signals, carrier suppression techniques, sb selection, ssb equipment, tests and measurements. Order EE-350, only $6.95

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