Model 407


50-52 MHi in. 28-30 MHz out Or 52-S4 MHi with a second crystal.

A full description of this fantastic converter would fill this page, but you can take our word for it lor those of hundreds of satisfied users \ that it's the best. The reason is simple—we use three RCA dual >rate MOSFKTs, one bipolar, and i3 diodes in the best circuit ever. Still not convinced? Then send for our free catalog and get the full description, plus photos and even the schematic.

Can't wait? Then send us a postal money order for £34.95 and we'll rush the 407 out to you. NOTE: The Mndel 407 is also available in any frequency combination up V* 450 MHz (some at higher price») as listed in our catalog:, New York City and Slate residents add local sales tax.

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