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the finest money can buy. Starting with the power . ful 500Cand artAC power 1 supply, you are immediately on the air with a big, : high-q uality signal. Thanks to the excellence .of the high-frequency;;? si y crystal lattice filter, made especially for Swan by CF networks, you will have one 07 the" cleanest and I most readable signals on the air. as well asfcut-j standing receiver selectivity and sensitivity, he various accessories from I

Mi he Swanr line- may; beg

added at any time, pro I viding greater operating I pleasure and perform- I Rnciirhe tremendous aciM I

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I ceptance of Swan fcrod-H ucts by radio amateurs throughout the world is iriost gratifying to. ail of;; the people at Swan. It is our continuing policy to offer the finest comrnuni-cattons equipment we S Iknow how to design; and

H Mt l»tL I'iFl manufacture, with quality

I and service that is second pmm



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