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Consequently, a group of experimenters made up of three nationalities—Americans to conceive ideas, Russians to claim the ideas and Japanese to mass produce the item at lA of the cost while the other two groups argued—worked throughout the nighttime revelries to perfect what came to be known as the Lid Reducer—or "Lid-Ducer/* -While the Mark #3 prototype "Lid-Ducen" shows promise, it is very loose in design and could stand some refining. However, the basic precept is sound and could/should become a standard incorporated feature in all amateur radio equipment.

When the Lid-Ducer was unveiled for IPECAC, most members wanted a practical demonstration- Volunteers were as rare as Rhode Island stations during a contest. A safari of scroungers (a common ethnic group among amateurs) was dispatched to recruit a volunteer. They returned with a 'jiggler*— you all know what a jiggler* is—he's the 8 handed fumble fingered jerk who invariably stumbles into your shack while youve got six hundred dollars worth of parts laid out on your bench and, despite repeated warnings, both oral and written, has an uncontrollable urge to jiggle a switch, fiddle

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