Let Wkt Forward Your Dx Qsls

Ji oin the thousands of satisfied hams who U have been using this service for the past seven years* During 1967 alone, over 200,000 QSLs were forwarded to DX stations. This is a DELUXE service, insuring prompt and continuous mailings, and involving a minimum of effort on your part,

(J ust flfl in your QSLs and send them to (J W3KT. You don't have to address the cards, or indicate the QSL manager, or send any SASEs, Where a DX station uses a stateside QSL mnager, your card will be sent to him with an SASE, and the reply will come back to W3KT, who will send it to your call area QSL bureau. Other QSLs will be sent to the proper QSL Bureau, or, if necessary, direct.

//} emember, your QSL is a personal message. Therefore W3KT sends it by FIRST CLASS MAIL only.

he charge: Four cents per QSL, 30 cards per dollar, NO MEMBERSHIP FEE.


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