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tary gear tuning dial cover 500

„ section of an transceiver available today. In a few short months increments * Glass-epoxy circuit boards * Final e Yaesu FT dx 400 has become the pace setter amplifier uses the popular 6KD6 tubes.

in the amateur field.


Tiis imported desk top transceiver is beautifulK

specular chrome front panel, back

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_______ in m , . A D functional blue-gray. The low cost, maxcmng complete lu meter band * Provision od Ann Cn^u, i\t ¡^ a flirinnni^ 4-h^ ^bP*4U0 Speaker is al that s needed to comp ete for 4 crystal-controlled channels-within the ama- SîS^^SSi; ■

3 additional receive

bands *


'ofesstonal station !ook.

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