Space Electronics

di*. of MILITARY ELECTRONICS CORP. M Summit Ave., East Paterson, N.J. 07407, (201) 791-5050

ESTATE SALE: 110 ft, Telrex Big Bertha tower with three stacked 6 element beams on 20, two 5 clement beams on 15, two 4 element beams on 10, one 3 element beam on 40, Spiral on 6, 20 elements on 2 meters. All Telrex. Must be removed from present location. Original cost SI2.000. Make offer. 73 Magazine, Box 69, Peterborough, 03458.

DAYTON HAMVENTION April 26, 1969: Spon^ sored by Dayton Amateur Radio Association for the 18th year. Technical sessions, exhibits and hidden transmitter hunt. An interesting ladies' program for XYL. For information watch ads or write Dayton Hamvention, Dept. S. Box 44, Dayton. Ohio 45401.

RTTY GEAR FOR SALE. List issued monthly, 88 or 44 MHy torroids 5 for $1.50 postpaid. Elliott Buchanan & Associates, Inc., 1067 Mandana Blvd,p Oakland, California 94610.

WANTED: Military, commercial, surplus Airborne. ground, transmitters, receiver, testsets accessories. Especially Collins. We pay freight and cash. Rico Electronics, Box 156, Annandale, Va. Phone 703-560-5480 collect.

3000 V @ brand new GE Fyronai oil capaci tors S3 each. Can mail, 3-lbs each shipping wt.T FOB. P. Wandelt, RD - 1, Unadilla. New York 13849,

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