Ox Oscillator

Crystal controlled transistor type Lo Kit 3,000 to 19,999 KHz Hi Kit 20,000 to 60,000 KHz (Specify when ordering)

BAX-1 Broadband Amplifier $3.75

General purpose unit which may be used as a tuned or untuned amplifier in RF and audio applications 20 Hz to 150 MHz. Provides 6 to 30 db gain, Ideal for SWL, Experimenter or Amateur,

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SAX-1 Transistor RF Amplifier $3.50

A small signal amplifier to drive MXX-1 mixer. Single tuned input and link output. Lo Kit 3 to 20 MHz Hi Kit 20 10 170 MHz (Specify when ordering)

PAX-1 Transistor RF Power Amplifier $3,75

A single tuned output amplifier designed to follow the OX oscillator, Outputs up to 200 mw can be obtained depending on the frequency and voltage. Amplifier can be amplitude modulated for low power communication. Frequency range 3,000 to 30,000 KHz.

MXX-1 Transistor RF Mixer $3.50

A single tuned circuit intended for signal conversion in the 3 to 170 MHz range. Harmonics of the OX oscillator are used! for injection in the 60 to 170 MHz range. Lo Kit 3 to 20 MHz Hi Kit 20 to 170 MHz (Specify when ordering)



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