Books For The Amateur

Amateur Radio Construction Projects by Charles Caringella( W6NJV. Shows how to build novice transmitters, conveners, all-band phone-cw transmitter, and others. Provides detailed, easy-to-follow buiiding and operating instructions. 136 pages. 20045, only $3.25

Ham Antenna Construction Projects (2nd Ed.)

by J. A. Stanley. Practical guide to custom-building your own antennas; describes all types of arrays, installation, tuning up and testing; shows you how to make the best use of antenna power. 160 pages, 20654, only $3.95

1D1 Easy Ham Radio Projects by Robert M. Brown & Torn Kneitel, A selection of eas> to-build, inexpensive circuits for a variety of worthwhile ham devices. Provides brief descriptions, construction hints, diagrams, and parts lists; includes substitution guide appendix, 160 pages. 20674, only $3.95

Transistor transmitters for the Amateur by Donald L. Stoner, W6TNS. Shows how to build solidstate crystal checker/calibrator, low-power cw xmitter and eight other transistorized projects, 128 pages. 20450, only $3,25

Amateur Radio Antennas (2nd Ed.)

by Harry D. Hooton, W6TYH, Provides full details on theory, design, consruciion, and application of antennas. Tells how to select the best antenna system for optimum performance. 176 pages, 20611, only.$3.95

Practical Ham Radio Projects by Charles Caringella, W6NJV. Includes circuit diagrams, parts lists, and detailed instructions for building 12 unique and useful ham shack devices at the lowest possible cost (no item exceeds $50). 128 pages. 20042, only * ^ ■, > ■ ■ ■ •«»< ■ i,< ■ > • ■ • j > ■, , • >,. ■, ■ ■ *, .95

Transistorized Amateur Radio Projects by Charles Caringellar W6NJV. Presents a compiete selection of transistorized ham radio construction projects for the beginner as well as advanced amateur. Includes several printed-circuil board projects and the negatives for etching them. 140 pages. 20570, only $3.50

by Robert Hertzberg, W2DJJCompletely revised to include information on the incentive licensing. This is the book to have to learn about amateur radio, ham equipment, operating procedures, and how to pass the FCC exam. 192 pages. 20607, only $4.50

by Howard S. Pylet W70E. Enlarged and updated to include all the study material required to obtain the novice-class license. Covers latest FCC regulations, including new incentive licensing provisions, 144 pages. 20636, only $2.95

Amateur Radio Mobile Handbook by Charles Caringella, W6NJV. Provides complete information for going mobile. Explains circuitry and construction of commercially bulit mobile amateur equipment. Shows how to build mobiie converters, trans-milters, transceivers, and modulators, etc. 176 pages. 20035, only $3.50

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Amateur Radio Incentive Licensing Study Guide by Robert M. Brown, K2ZSQ/W9HBF and Tom Kneitel, K2AES. Fully explains the new incentive licensing which affects both newcomers and old-timers. Covers all the new FCC Regulations and band allocations. Includes sample exams for Novice, Technician, Conditional, and General-Class licensing. 160 pages. EE-050, only $2,75

Amateur Incentive License

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