Howard W Sams

Advanced & Extra-Class Amateur License Handbook by Howard S. Pyfet W70E. Provides alt the information you need to obtain your advanced—or extra-class license. Makes preparation for these top licenses far easier for present holders of lower licenses. Includes sample questions for each exam. 192 pages. 20649, only $3.95

General-Class Amateur License Handbook by Howard S. Pyle, W70E. A compEete guide, including typical FCC test questions and answers, to help you prepare fqr the Technician, Conditional or General-Class radio exam, 144 pages- 20639, only $3.25

Building Your Amateur Radio Novice Station by Howard S. Py/e, W70E. Provides complete, easy-to-follow construction details for building an inexpensive transmitter and receiver, plus several valuable accessory items, for Novice or General Class operation. 128 pages. 20050, only $3.75

International Code Training System by international Teaching Systems, Inc. Special programmed charts and 33!j-rpm recordings help you receive at 2-3 .vpm in jusr a few minutes. You'll be receiving and sending up to 22 wpm with less than an hour of recorded instruction. 96 pages; 6 record sides.

Famous Editors & Engineers Books

The VHF Amateur by Robert M* Brown, K2ZSQ/W9HBF. Completely updated handbook incorporating the finest material on vital vhf subjects from the rare back issues of the famous VHF Magazine, pius new data of great interest to both old and new vhf men, 160 pages. EE^SOGO, only $4.50

Commercial Radiotelephone License Q&A Study Guide by Woodrow Smith & Robert We/bom, Invaluable preparation for the exams. Questions cover first four elements of the radiotelephone license exam. Answers are detailed and comprehensive. 272 pages, EE-031, only $6.95

Single Sideband; Theory and Practice by Harry D. Hooton, W6TYH. The one-source guide to ssb. covering origin and principles, derivation of ssb signals, carrier-suppression techniques, sideband selection, and a compiete analysis of ssb equipment, 388 pages. EE-350, only $6.95

Transistor Radio Handbook by Donald L. Stoner, W6TNS & Lester A. Earnshaw, ZL1AAX- Covers the use of transistorized communications equipment for amateur and commercial applications. Provides simplified theory, plus practical con^ struction projects for solid-state equipment, 180 pages. EE-044, only. , t ,55,00

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