Arcturus Electronics Corp

Phone: 201-UN 4-55*1


Reduces Interference md 4 Htfifi1 or ALL Amateur Transmitterj.

Guaranteed for 1000 Watts Pow-Rfceptton Siron^tr Com pine | er, Light. Neat, Weatherproof, with Qfc ft 12 ohm icrdimc. Sealed resonant For novice »11 cl^s radio jiTijriurs EiSimiMies 5 siparaU :inlrnn,i\ wilhL bttjtr jler^rmance guaranteed l 5-10 metir bandi. Cojnplete \02 ft S10<i5 40-20-1 M0 meter Sintis. 54 ft, Tür vkorLI-wide short wave rcceptfcfil S1&95 Send only S3.00 icash, ck, mn) ind pav poMman baJjr.v ('OD plu•> pottäge nn amval or send füll pnee for pott-paid deliven Comoletc ttuiructioni indudäd V»ESTERN ELECTRONICS Deel A keirnev. Nebruki


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